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"NAAIP" National Association of Accredited Insurance Professionals

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Do you want to know where David is located? He lives in a 3rd floor apartment in Jerusalem. Click on the image below, and you will get a Google Street view of his location. If you turn the camera around (Click and drag), you will see the postal building that appears outside his window in some of his videos.

Bruce E. Reinhart, United State Magistrate Judge issues Order for FINAL JUDGMENT AND PERMANENT INJUNCTION October 20, 2021

A final order in the case has been issued:

Final Order and Permanent Injunction October 20, 2021

Judge Reinhardt writes:

Bruce E. Reinhart, United State Magistrate Judge finds for Compulife in July 12, 2021 decision

From his initial decision:

July 12, 2021 Decison

Judge Reinhardt writes:

Eleventh Circuit Vacates Insurance Database Hacking Case

There has been a welcome development in this ongoing story, which you can read about here:

Eleventh Circuit Decison

Within the first line of the article is a link to the Eleventh Circuit's opinion:

Eleventh Circuit Opinion

David Rutsein Loses Insurance Licenses

The following numbered paragraphs are taken from this court decision's finding of facts:


Here is the consent order that this is referring to:

Consent Order
Settlement Stipulation For Consent Order

In order to avoid prosecution for insurance fraud, David Rutstein signed and admitted in the "Settlement Stipulation For Consent Order" that:

Once again, the Consent Oder barred David Rutstein from from any participation in the insurance business. Here is that portion of the order:

How Did I (Bob Barney) Get Involved In All This?

In May of 2016 my company Compulife commenced a lawsuit against David Rutstein and his partner(s). A second lawsuit was filed later that year. The lawsuits went to trial in October 2017 and Compulife lost. I am still bewildered by this decision:


Despite the disappointing outcome and conclusion, the decision explained much of what happened. Most important, the decision set forth as fact who David Rutstein is, the aliases he uses and that David Rutstein has an ongoing and continuing involvement in the insurance industry. David Rutstein's insurance activity is in direct violation of the Consent Order from Florida.

Here's How I First Became Involved:

From the court decision:

After much investigation I learned the following about NAAIP - National Association of Accredited Insurance Professionals:

Over time, I also learned the following about David Rutstein (aka David Gordon):

Why Does David Rutstein Not Use His Real Name?

I believe that David Rutstein does not use his real name, and uses aliases like David Gordon, because his continued involvement in the life insurance industry means that he is in contempt of the Consent Order that was issued by the State of Florida. If Florida were to ever investigate they will find ample evidence that David Rutstein has engaged in insurance related business in violation of that Consent Order.

All the evidence that Florida needs to prove David Rutstein is in contempt of the Consent Order is found in this federal court judgement:


and in the documents accepted as evidence in that court case.

David Rutstein's Ongoing Participation In The Insurance Industry

How concerned is David about being found in contempt of that Consent Order? During his 3 hour deposition for that lawsuit, David Rutstein repeatedly denied any and all involvement in NAAIP or insurance. David Rutsein claimed that he turned everything over to his partner Aaron Levy after Rutstein lost his insurance license.

But the court said:

I believe "was not truthful at his deposition" was an enormous understatement. Of all the things that have shocked and amazed me about this legal process, it was the court's nonchalant and cavalier attitude toward a witness who clearly was not telling the truth. I cannot imagine how a court system can function when people violate their oath to tell the truth and there is no consequence for doing so.

How Does David Rutstein Make Money From His Insurance Related Activities

As we have already seen:

It is obvious that David Rutstein cannot make money directly from websites that he gives away for free. To make money David Rutstein recruits agents to sell insurance by offering those free websites as a lure, then has those agents sign up with insurance distributors. Money is generated from the sale of life insurance policies for which commissions, bonuses and overrides are paid. Distributors pay David Rutstein a portion of override or bonus commission from the agents' sale of policies.

But David Rutstein does not have an insurance license, how can he be legally paid insurance commissions?

What is David Rustein's business connection to Binyomin Rutstein and American Web Designers?

The following is a document submitted at trial as evidence, a document that was not referenced in the court's decision:


Here is where the document was introduced at trial, during my testimony:

IMPORTANT: The signature of David Rutsetin on the bank document matches the signature for Binyom Rutstein on the same document. David Rutsein signed as Binyomin Rutstein.

NOTE: Binyomin Rutstein admitted during this deposition that he permits other people to sign his name to insurance and insurance related documents.

Consider the remaining facts about Binyomin Rutstein:

NOTE: Binyomin Rutsetin was NOT a resident of Florida when Florida issued him a resident insurance license.

SUMMARY: While Binyomin Rutstein and his agency American Web Designers are the licensed entities entitled to receive commissions from the sale of life insurance policies, the person actually receiving the money is David Rutstein. David Rutstein, having signed the American Web Designers bank documents for Binyomin Rutstein, is the sole signing authority for the bank account of American Web Designers. It is into that bank account that insurance commissions flow.

Question: Has the state of Florida investigated any of this? I've sent reports on David Rutseins activity to the State of Florida but there does not appear to be any concern on their part. So far the state of Florida does not seem too interested in following up on reports of David Rutsein's activity. Unfortunately, that seems to be par for the course in the state of Florida where the state ignores warnings until things blow up.

Compulife Sues David Rutsein

Two lawsuits went to trial in October 2017. They represented what Compulife believed to be two different and separate ways that David Rutstein gained unauthorized access to our software.

The first lawsuit:

The second lawsuit:

With regard to the first lawsuit, I found it very hard to reconcile these two statements:


On the one hand the court confirms that David Rutstein was never authorized to use Compulife, then turns around and acknowledges that he had his unauthorized account terminated.

With respect to the second lawsuit, I am shocked by the court's inability to connect the dots. Each of the 850,000 requests to the website/server, contained 450 plus characters of information, including the key variable names and correct/acceptable values necessary to produce a quote. The variable names were taken from the HTML source code that the court acknowledged to be registered as copyrighted material.

The 850,000 requests were done for 2 different zip codes.

Those exact same two zip codes ended up in the NAAIP website source code to differentiate between NY and non-NY quotes being produced at NAAIP websites and at

Despite all this, the court said Compulife failed to make its case. I remained bewildered.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me directly:

Robert Barney (President)
Compulife Software, Inc.